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Our Approach

We make data-based decisions, informed by the latest science, engineering and economics. Our approach is to ask questions first and to guide clients by empowering decision makers with knowledge and insight. Our advice will be frank and fearless, never intending anyone else to do something we wouldn’t do ourselves, with our own money. 

  • We believe that everything we do links back to nature. Our projects and activities should ultimately improve Earth’s natural systems. 

  • We believe in free and critical thought, creativity, holistic thinking and joining the dots. 

  • We believe in being constructive. That is; useful, intended to improve, positive. 

The Renewables Journey

The renewable energy revolution promises so much but is fraught with uncertainty, opinion and an unending range of alternative technical solutions.

Our clients are typically:

  • Busy! Where energy is important but not core business.

  •  Unsure. Either directed or inspired to do something and not wanting to get it wrong. 

  • Can-do. Wanting to “get on with it!”

The end goal is to deliver the energy infrastructure and retailing arrangements that result in cost control and additional revenue streams as well as meeting a range of community and strategic outcomes.

Constructive Energy picks up on wherever our clients are in the journey, from end-to-end strategic guidance to simply delivering on part of the plan like market participation or project management.


Our Story

Constructive Energy (CE) was founded in 2018 in the regional city of Bathurst (NSW). We are a renewable energy strategy and energy management firm aimed at accelerating the transition to renewable energy and a low carbon future.

Constructive Energy has a combined experience of over 25 years’ worth of renewable energy, energy efficiency and carbon abatement practice. Our key focus is to assist the local government sector and other organisations to “just get on with it”!