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Accelerating Regional Australia's
transition to


Who are we?

Who do we work with?

 We are an energy strategy, consulting and project delivery business, based in Bathurst, NSW.

We work with state and local government, agribusiness, regional organisations and national institutions to source, develop and drive renewable energy projects.


Sustainable Energy

Where do we work?

We're based in, and work across, 

Regional Australia.


We're passionate that our regions play a significant part in the current renewable energy revolution. 

We preference projects and suppliers that support regional communities and keep our economies strong.


How we work?

We are collaborative by design.


We do the things we are best suited

for and we reach out to our extensive network to partner with those

who are brilliant at the other bits.

We support data based decision making in the context of a values based framework.


“The current Renewable Energy Transition (RET) holds unbelievable promise for Regional Australia - but only if we grab hold of it…and quickly!”

Ashley Bland - Managing Director Constructive Energy



We're driving multiple of projects across

Regional Australia.



Out team has decades of combined experience and a diverse set of skills.



Keep up to date with new projects and industry developments.

Proud to be working with...

What others say...

“Watching the growth of Constructive Energy from our initial conversations around setting up the company to the multi-million dollar enterprise it is now, has been impressive.”

Lindsay Gale


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