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Renewable Energy Action Plans (REAP)

Our role at Constructive Energy is to simplify the complex and take an independent, principles-based and data-driven approach to support decision makers. This results in a clear strategic pathway and project schedule that can be followed with confidence. We call it a Renewable Energy Action Plan.


The plan will consider all locally relevant renewable forms of “alternative energy”, analysing data and using latest industry insight to deliver “pre-feasibility” level understanding of the various identified options.

In our experience it is important to raise the “energy literacy” of all decision makers so they are equipped to properly evaluate alternatives. That said, Councils and other clients also rely on our ability to be across the latest technological developments and capable of understanding the business environment in which local government operates. 

In our view, energy consultancy should be holistic, as represented in the Venn diagram below.


Technical Solutions: Abreast of the latest technological developments, on-the-pulse with how past projects have performed, experienced and networked to provide the best alternatives.

Business Case: Able to develop extensive and realistic project budgets appropriate to the level of enquiry, from pre-feasibility to detailed design, and cognisant of the commensurate level of risk. 

Community Sustainability: Grounded in a desire to do the right thing by the community and planet with a valid process to engage and lead people.

Project Management: Personnel with appropriate levels of qualification and experience to deliver on time and within budget. Appropriately insured and fiscally responsible.

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