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Inverter by name, inverter by nature.

We had the great pleasure of unloading 16tonnes of electrical equipment recently; the inverter for a 2.4MW behind the meter solar array we are facilitating for a large agribusiness. The project will make a huge difference to the company in both cost savings and reduced carbon intensity. I love projects at this scale and it reminded me once again of the enormous transition underway in our Distribution Networks. Inverters convert the Direct Current that solar panels produce into the Alternating Current that our equipment requires. An especially apt term given that they are also helping turn a grid that used to distribute electricity from a few large sources into one that balances thousands of smaller sources – pretty much turning the grid on its head! And that’s before we even start at replacing gas! Unfortunately, most of the focus of governments on the renewable transition seems to be directed at investing in big projects in the Transmission Network which is nowhere near as impactful for the business we’re helping out here. We need massive investment in the Distribution Network too. #renewablesinagriculture #essentialenergy


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