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External Cladding
Natural Brick Company - Recommended Product

Green Homes Australia has recently reviewed the Natural Brick Co products. 


Natural Brick Co provides Block, Bricks, Pavers and Panels for the Environmentally Conscious and has returned to the simplicity of single skin block construction with passive thermal design...often requiring NO energy other than minimal amounts for lighting etc that can be accommodate by a modest solar panel installation. 

The Natural Brick Co products meet all Australian Standards

The Natural Brick Co believes that “Buildings should never be just an artistic statement or conversely, function without feel…initially they must be about health. Health for the planet, health for the occupants. To this end, Woodstone™ aims to build upon all that has gone before with the prime directive as health.”

Wood Stone™ achieves this along with so many other build friendly and high performance attributes. A natural product for a healthy outcome. Its the realisation of your design as a realistically beneficial outcome…and at a competitive price.


Click here for product and pricing guide (with comparisons) 

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